Happy 5th Birthday TSA!
This months contest is based on a winner for each catergory/ game
There will be 5 chances to win.
First Chance- Yahtzee
Second Chance- Pachisi
Third Chance- Canasta
Fourth Chance- Spades
Fifth Chance- BackGammon, Bowling, Euchre, Bingo, Gin, Solitaire and Dominoes

Each Day Tours from all the groups will have one of three different pictures on it
A Spell Book- Worth Single Points per Jump Double Per win
A Witches Cauldron- Worth Double Pts per Jump and win
A Black Cat ( Binx)- Worth Triple Points per Jump and win

Each Catergory will have a First, Second and Third Place Winner ( 15 different winners).
Only ONE person can win first place ONCE so if you are in first place in two categoies the First place prize will go to the next person and you may recieve second place prize for that category

Yahtzee Standings >>> here

Pachisi Standings >>> here

Canasta Standings >>> here

Spades Standings >>> here

Alt Games Standings >>> here